Recent Jobs For Heartland Roofing, Siding and Windows

Kevin - Siding

May 24, 2021 | Marion, IA

Kevin called us because he had Derecho damage. He had already scheduled a time for his insurance adjuster to look at the property, and we made it a priority to meet them both at the house to get as much information for Kevin as possible. We even took the extra ...

Jill – Roof, Siding, Gutters

May 17, 2021 | Cedar Rapids, IA

Jill’s home was one of many that had storm damage after Derecho. Luckily for Jill, Heartland is committed to care for each and every home as if it was our own. We tarped over the holes in her roof as soon as possible to prevent any additional damage, ...

Kevin - Siding

May 11, 2021 | West Des Moines, IA

It was just time for new siding! Kevin's home in West Des Moines was in need of a facelift, and Heartland stepped in to really make this pop. We love the look of Mastic's Carvedwood in Premium English Wedgwood and the Natural Slate shakes. That beautiful dark blue ...

Russ - Roofing, Siding, Soffit, Gutters

April 30, 2021 | Marion, IA

Russ and his family had a full job and a lot of work to do after derecho, and it all went smooth. He said it was great to work with our Site Supervisors, Corey and Michael when they stopped over to manage the production process. He also liked our business ...

Jeff T.

April 20, 2021 | Marion, IA

  Wow! What an amazing transformation on this lovely home in Marion, Iowa. We worked with Jeff's insurance to replace the roofing, siding, gutters, and soffits on this home after storm damage. Jeff decided it was time to ditch the blah beige and replace the siding on his ...

New Roof

May 1, 2015 | Fruitland, IA

  We installed a new Owens Corning Duration Brownwood Shingle roof on their home to coordinate with their brown shingles.    

House makeover 1

The before and after was dramatic!  We put on a new Owens Corning Duration Driftwood shingle on the roof, giving them a warranty and durability they could trust for a long-lasting roof.  We also gave it a more modern face with grey siding and black shutters.  It ...

House makeover 2

The client was able to do a drastic update on the look of the exterior of their home.  The Mastic Carvedwood Double 4″ Pepplestone Clay Siding was a great choice for this home.  We finished the look with Owens Corning Duration Sand Dune Shingle (Designer Color) on ...

House makeover 3

  We replaced the broken siding and the aging roof for these owners.  They selected an Owens Corning Duration Onyx Black Shingle roof and the Mastic Carvedwood Double 4″ Quiet Willow Siding. The home turned out great!  

House makeover 4

We worked with the homeowners to select the Owens Corning Duration Onyx Black shingle for the roofing and the Mastic Quest Double 4" Lakeshore Fern for the siding. The house turned out great!

House makeover 5

For their new roof, they chose the Owens Corning Duration Cheateau Green Shingle which complimented the Mastic Carvedwood Double 4″ Pepplestone Clay Siding. They loved the durability and warranty of both the roofing and siding.

House makeover 6

For the siding, the homeowners chose the Mastic Ovation Triple 3″ Cameo Siding which looked great on the house.  The Owens Corning Duration Blue Harbor Shingle (Designer Color) they chose for the roof complimented the new siding.

Roofing update

For this two-story home, we suggested the Owens Corning Duration Cheateau Green Shingle which looked great with their white siding.  It came with a warranty that will put their minds at ease through future storms.

Roofing & Siding customer

Fruitland, IA

  The updated look was amazing.  The client selected the Mastic Carvedwood Double 4″ Pepplestone Clay Siding with an Owens Corning Duration Summer Harvest (Designer Color) roof that coordinated perfectly with the siding.  

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