Job completed for Kevin - Siding

Completion date: May 24, 2021

Location: Marion, IA

Why did the customer contact us?

Kevin had an appointment with his insurance adjuster, and needed a contractor to join him!

Solutions provided:

Kevin called us because he had Derecho damage. He had already scheduled a time for his insurance adjuster to look at the property, and we made it a priority to meet them both at the house to get as much information for Kevin as possible. We even took the extra time to check the ITEL national database and match his siding color before moving forward with his project! Kevin ended up choosing Royal Estate siding in Linen, and we think the result is seamless. Keven said we did a great job, and appreciated that we were very responsive whenever he had questions. We are so happy to be here for you, Kevin!

Team members on this project:

Corey Ramsey, Matt Stever,

Photos & Videos:

Kevin - Siding - After
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Kevin - Siding - After