The Heartland Roof Giveaway: A New Roof for Lauri and Her Sons

The Heartland Red Foundation was honored to give the gift of a new roof to Lauri Bouk of Boone, Iowa, just before the holidays last year. The experience was the first of what Heartland hopes to be an annual tradition for the company, allowing the team to give back to the communities that support their business.

Heartland Roof Giveaway

Lauri and her family were nominated by Rev. Janell Bloem, pastor at First Baptist Church in Boone. “Lauri is so deserving of this gracious gift,” Janell said. “She is so giving of herself to the school where she has served as secretary for the past 20 years and to our church where she is an active member and friend to all who attend.”

A safe and secure home is essential to a person’s overall well-being, and when it’s compromised, a home can feel less comfortable and safe. When the Heartland team inspected the Bouk family’s roof, they found it had been facing significant challenges, with some openings up to 10 inches or larger.

“My husband, Kevin, and I had plans to address the roof in the summer,” Lauri said. “When he passed away this spring, I lost sight of it.”

Lauri lives with her two adult sons, and because they didn’t want to burden her with the extra expense of the roof or the stress of being unable to fix it immediately, they hadn’t told her the extent of damage they were experiencing in their rooms. Significant damage, as the Bouks had in their roof, put their family at risk for illness and other potential harm.

“I’m so incredibly blessed and grateful for this opportunity,” she said. “It’s a relief for me, knowing that my sons have been experiencing the worst of it. We won’t have that burden and worry about this anymore.”

The company is proud to play a part in making a positive impact doing what they do best, especially during the holiday season.

“We are so humbled and excited to be a part of this family’s story and offer them something that can bring health and happiness in their time of grief,” said Adam Olson, owner of Heartland Roofing, Siding, and Solar. “The Heartland team receives a lot of support from the Boone community, and we wanted to give back in a meaningful way. We understand the ripple effect a good deed can make within a community, and this roof giveaway is our way of expressing thanks and making a positive impact."

The installation of the new roof took place Nov. 20 and 21, right before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Roof Giveaway Lori Boone Ia Before
Roof Giveaway Lori Boone Ia After

Heartland strives to always go above and beyond, and one way they are doing that for the Bouk family is by making a commitment to come back out to the home in the spring to help with siding and paint the exterior of the home. We’re eager to share photos of the upgrade on our social media, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the final before-and-after photos.

Roof Giveaway Crew

2024 Heartland Roof Giveaway

The Heartland team is now looking for nominations for the 2024 recipient of the annual Heartland Roof Giveaway. Do you know someone struggling whose home has an unsafe or inadequate roof? Share their story with us. By nominating someone deserving, you’re not only giving them the chance for a new roof — you’re giving them the chance at a better life experience at home.

Please help us find our 2024 recipient of this life-changing gift. Nominate yourself or someone you know by clicking the button below and completing the nomination form today.

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