Roofing Repair Due to Pool of Water in Des Monies, IA

There are several causes of pooling water on flat roofs. If you notice stagnant water on your roof deck after a rainstorm, you should be alarmed. In this situation, you just need to contact a professional roofing repair company who can give you relief from this problem. Heartland Roofing Siding and Solar are some of the most trusted companies to have a great solution for that. We have many years of experience to help and repair your flat roof issues.

Relying on Heartland, you can extend the life cycle of any type of roof with timely roof repair services from roofing experts. We have been the go-to company for roofing repair services in Des Moines, Ankeny, Ames, Dows, Dubuque, and dozens of other cities that we serve. To get to the back of the heartland, call us at 515-219-4847 or contact us online.

Roofing repair service

Some Common Causes of Water Pooling on a Roof

  • Poor roof design: It cannot be underlined that the majority of reasons why water accumulates on a flat roof have to do with bad roof design. The roofing project is deemed to fail if the building designers do not take into consideration the structure's layout and the shape of the roof. For a roofer without prior expertise with challenging flat roof jobs, potential issues may not always be obvious from the structure's surface.
  • Building age and foundation settling: A very well-built roof structure can be changed because of how the foundation has been laid on that specific plot of land as a building's foundation settles over months, years, and decades.
  • Rubber roofs with multiple layers: Rubber is mainly limited to covering the initial tar and dirt base in a level form, and it frequently worsens roof slopes that are already present.

Choose Heartland for Your Property's Roof Repair

By hiring Heartland, you can make sure your roof is fine and there is no pool of water. Call us at 515-219-4847 or fill out our contact form today to consult with our crew. Our additional services are storm-damaged roof repair, roof leak repair, dark water spots on ceilings, roof holes, missing shingles, and more.