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As you plan to keep warm during the cool fall and cold winter months, you can save on energy costs by taking simple measures for your home. Try to keep the house warm while locking the cold outside.

The adage, “prevention is better than cure” is still applicable to date. The best time to prepare and protect your home from Iowa’s tough winters is during fall.

When icicles hang along the eaves of the house, they tend to look beautiful and attractive. However, they spell trouble because they can loosen shingles, tear off gutters, and make water go back up into the house.

Just like other parts of your home, your roof requires attention. Although it may be considered the most expensive asset of a home, maintenance will help you avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

In every building, the roof is among the most important components. Apart from protecting against the outside elements, the roof also provides significant structural support.

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