Different Styles of Roofing in Greater Des Moines, IA

Different types of roofing styles enhance the overall appearance of your home. You need to consider efficiency and functionality in addition to beauty while choosing your roofing style. Be sure it satisfies your individual demands, whether you are a business or residential property owner.

After you choose the roofing style, it is important that you choose the best service provider for installing that roofing style. That is where Heartland Roofing, Siding and Solar come into the picture. We provide high-quality roofing installation services for every style of roof. We also can help you choose the best roofing style for your home or business. We are an A+ BBB Rated company that provides industry-standard roofing services for different types of roofing.

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different types of roofs

The Most Popular Styles of Roofing That You Should Consider Installing

Have a look at the list below to learn more about some of the most popular types of roofing on the market today:

Hip roof: Hip roofs typically have four sides and are a little more difficult to construct. Although being a popular option, it lacks ventilation. They do function better in locations with heavy winds.

Gable roof: One of the most prevalent roof styles you will see in the US is the Gable roof. When two of the pitched roof's areas come together, it takes on a triangle appearance. Some people refer to it as a peaked or pitched roof.

Mansard roof: The mansard roof, also known as the French roof, is a type of flat roof with double slopes on all four sides that meet at the peak. The lower slope is far steeper than the higher one. Depending on the style, the sides could be arched or flat.

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